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Events  2019-2020 Year

Troop Leaders - We understand that it will be impossible for you to attend all the events offered for your grade-level; however, we need to ensure that all girls are offered the opportunity to attend all events.  In cases where the Leader is unable to attend, co-leaders will be required to attend the event with their Girl Scouts, ensuring that Safety-Wise numbers are met.

Parents - Please note that the registration deadlines listed on this page are the deadlines for the troop leaders to turn in the completed registration forms.  Please check with your daughter's troop leader for specific due dates for each event as her dates will most likely differ to allow her time to compile all of the details necessary.

Troop Leaders - Please note that you should bring the individual girl permission slips with you to the events.  You need to just turn in the registration form (with names of girls and adults attending) and payment by the registration deadline date.  You should also have the girls' completed health cards with inked parent signature present with you at all events and meetings.  Health Card

BVG SU Event Registration Procedures - BVG SU Event Registration Procedures

Basic Outlines and Requirements for Planning a SU Event

SU Program Budget Report - SU Program Budget Report
This report must be completed, submitted and approved by the District's Program and Learning Specialist.

SU Event Evaluation - SU Event Evaluation
This report must be completed and submitted to the District's Program and Learning Specialist after the end of the event.

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September – 2019


October – 2019

Yogi Bear Corn Maze – Now on October 19, Saturday 7pm-9pm


November – 2019

Sunday, November 3 – 3-4:30p Daisy’s and Brownies are welcome.


December – 2019

Brownie Journey Sleepover

Friday, December 6 – Saturday, December 7 6:00pm – 8:30am

Grace Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD



January – 2020

Dawn Hieb is going to Pierre on Jan. 17th.


February – 2020

Courthouse Tour

400 S. Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls

Monday, February 10, 2020  3:30/3:45p – 5:30p


March – 2020


April – 2020


Awards Ceremony – April 19th 1:30p Celebration United Methodist Church - Brandon


May – 2020

Loyalty Day Parade – May 3rd – If you want to do this, please reach out to me.  I will arrange it if we have enough participants.

Sunday, 12:15p check-in with 1-2p Parade

This year’s Loyalty Day Parade GS Float scheduled for May 3rd,


June – 2020


July – 2020

*Summer camps possible through council


August – 2020

*****Brandon Event Training Documents


Here is a google drive for the service unit event training documents. The link below will take you to the folder where you can view the templates and examples. You can download them to your computer to be able to use the excel templates with formulas as you plan your events.



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